Zombie Rules


Important Information

The Sunrise Optimist Club and all associated clubs of the “2016 Sunrise Optimist Zombie Hunt and Haunted House” are youth centered organizations.  As such, all members, participants and “actors” shall conduct themselves in a professional manner to promote fun.  Accordingly, the following policies are in force.  Anyone wishing to perform as an actor shall agree to abide by the following:

  • No physical touching of customers.  This includes biting, gnawing, gnashing, etc.
  • You must register by the Wednesday prior to Friday events, Thursday prior to Saturday events.  You can register and pay for multiple dates with a single registration.
  • Our registration process includes a criminal background check.  Remember, you will encounter families and youths.  This is for everyone’s protection
  • Photo identification is required upon check-in.  This identification will be compared against your registration.
  • Please arrive dressed in a manner that would allow us to recognize you based upon your identification.  You will be allowed to continue your costume preparation afterwards.
  • Security and law enforcement will be onsite.
  • Exit & reentry will not be allowed.
  • We ask that you “perform” the entire evening
  • Rain Out Policy:  Should we cancel the event prior to that evening start, your registration fee minus the background check ($6) shall be refunded electronically).  No refunds in the event the event has started.
  • If you are asked to leave: No Refunds

By clicking on the “Zombie Actor Registration” link, you agree to these terms and instructions listed at http://zombiehuntwf.com/2016-cast-crew-instructions/.

Zombie Actor Registration`