Zombie Actor



Ever wanted to be a live zombie and join in the fun of entertaining others during the Halloween season?  Now is your chance!  Dress up in character, in full makeup and see the shocked reactions as you approach and attempt to infect our guests.  

You are a part of the pandemic.  You have a mindless hunger to seek, find and infect uninfected humans.  Once you were safe but no longer.  Now you have been temporarily confined to a quarantine zone where the world has gone terribly wrong.   

Fresh batches of disease-free humans will attempt to maneuver through your area.  Infecting them will not be easy as they are well armed and organized.  However you and your mutant freak friends outnumber them.  One slip, one wrong turn and your prey becomes one of your hoard.!

Of course all of this is in the spirit of good fun.  We are the Sunrise Optimist Club of Wichita Falls.  For more than fifty years we have served our community by living our motto, “Friend of Youth”.  The proceeds of our event go to area youth serving high school  booster clubs.  As a trusted partner, we have rules and guidelines (i.e. no touching) that you will find in the electronic release.   

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